Friday, February 19, 2016

Debut Thriller Romance by Mikki Smith: "Dark Secrets"

Blurb: “Dark Secrets” by Mikki Smith

Misty’s family, hid a dark secret from her. Until the coven came to claim what they believe belongs to them. Their chosen ones, to lead the coven to become the most powerful. It’s written the twins who they separated at birth are to reign together as one to keep the bloodline pure. When Misty refuses to stand with them, hell will break loose.

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What people are saying about “Dark Secrets”

“…It's dark, suspenseful, with sexual content and graphic violence......”

“…You get from beginning to end at the edge of your seat, hoping against all that is Holy these characters stay alive !! That's how invested Mikki Smith makes you as she spins the solid 5 tale of evil, goodness and the will to survive…”


“Now hold on boy, you don’t come in my town and start giving orders! Now you tell me what the hell is going on!” Norris stepped toward Laura, but she would only take another step back, refusing the baby. The deputy stepped forward and took the baby in his arms.
“Sheriff, this baby needs to get to a hospital, so stop giving this boy a hard time and just do it!” the deputy ordered.
Norris was surprised that the deputy would speak to his superior that way, but he had to give him props for doing so. The deputy looked at Norris.  “He’s my cousin!” he said.
“What is going on here, Detective?” he asked.
“This is a breeder house owned and operated by a satanic witch’s coven.” Norris replied.
“Breeder house? What on earth is that?” he asked. Norris understood the confusion, since he felt the same way.

“They either send their daughters that they don’t want, or some are kidnapped and brought here to have babies to be sacrificed in the name of their god! Or better known as Satan,” he said. Norris walked over toward the little girl that could speak and was squatting. 

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