Saturday, February 13, 2016

Behind The Curtain: Diana Ware-Page


Hello y'all, just a note to say how thrilled I am to be here at O2O as a guest blogger and the amazing  story of how I got here. This is actually my very 1st official blog post about myself ever !!  So be kind. I love books, everything about them; characters,  storylines, sexy heat to sweet HEA's.  Books bring me joy.
Just a little bit about myself. I'm a soon to be divorced, mother of one son (Daniel), the light and bane of my existence  (22 and knows everything about everything) you moms out there know exactly what I mean. I have a bundle of furrbabies as well, Matiesse and Furface live with me, and my soon to be Ex has my Luci and Lucky, no fence for Luci my golden retriever  (it breaks my heart). I love in a University town in Central-east Texas ; Gig 'em Aggies !    

I came into book reviewing and author promoting completely by accident; I messaged an author after winning a contest, and started to learn the importance placed on book reviews; especially for Indie authors. She asked me if I would mind leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I was like huh ? Only people in the book business  do that, right ? She said "no, its for people who read a book and want others to know what they think about it. " I'd really had no idea of what happened before and after a book got to Amazon. So I read the book and loved it, then came the hard part, what the heck do I write ?

You have to understand,  I'd literally been on Facebook for a month, Truly a month, I know. Way behind the times. So here I am thinking what do I do now ? I had "talked" with a girl at the event where I won the book, so I thought maybe she could help me, she was very sweet and seemed to know all about authors and contests and books, so I took the plunge and messaged her. Best thing I'd do all year !! She walked me through the steps of leaving a book review, about not putting  in spoilers, about being honest, that I could love an author and not like all of their books, and it was not only alright to say why I didn't like a book, it was expected of me, or why I liked it, loved it or it was just mediocre.

I wrote my 1st review and put it up on Amazon, then waited to see it get blasted by all of the professional "book critics". That didn't happen, the author messaged me that she loved the review and since it seemed I liked her book, would I want to read and review another one ? I was floored, here was an Author, asking me if I wanted to read and review another book !! I was in scary book heaven !!  And that's how I got started doing something it turns out I love.

Not only do I still read and review for this author, I beta read, pimp, post, make teasers, plan parties, I'm part of her core group of people ( hello my FAladies) , who help her get her books into people's hands and on their E-readers. I finally know what happens before and after the book goes from the inner mind of the author and out to the public, and let me tell you it's a lot of hard work. Which is in addition to the author already putting in the hundreds of hours of writing the book. I'm just glad to be on the reading/reviewing/promoting side of it, I'm not sure I could write the book and wait on pins and needles to see how it's going to be received by the readers.

Then I met another group  of wonderful people on Facebook : ROMANCE RAVERS,  and was once again enfolded into a group of amazingly caring, intelligent and generous people; who taught me even more ways to get the word out on Indie Authors. That brings me to Ocean 2 Ocean Promotions and the lovely ladies who run it, they have graciously given me a job that I truly love to do, and can't wait to see where it takes me. They will be introducing themselves to you in their own posts.

That's my story, hope it didn't bore you to tears, but I like knowing who's behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz reference )  and hope you do too. Thank you Ladies at O2O for giving me a chance to "speak" about books and authors. They have become very dear to my heart. Also thank you Beth Ann Miller PA for your invaluable assistance in getting me started on the book reviewing track, and Kelley Harvey for bringing me into her inner group of ladies who love her books, and all the FAladies and SWORD team members who have helped me along the way.

Echo Shea my little author muse that keeps me laughing in the bleak times, Madison Sevier who uses her position as an Author to bring people together, Cheryl Davis my Goddess given solace and last but by no means least Dariel Raye, who shares my passion for books, snarky sense of humor and .... well she knows all about how to help me battle back the medical demons when things get tough and all I want to do is quit.

So, there are many, many more that have helped me to get here and I'd love to mention you all, but that would take pages and pages, just know; I remember and love each and every one of you. The next post will be about a book, Promise !!
Matiesse, lazy cat that he is, on my nephews messy bed, lol.

                                            BLESSED BE,
                                                   Diana W. Page


Kelley Harvey said...

Aw! I just FLOVE your face, Diana! <3 <3 <3

Echo said...

Love you, Diana! The journey that got you to helping authors is anything but boring. I love the cat and so sorry you had to leave Luci and Lucky behind.
I can't wait to see how wide-spread O2O becomes. :) To the love of books!

Beth Ann Miller said...

Awwww, How sweet and I am glad to have connected with you! Please let me know if I can't help in anyway. I am always here :)

Cheryl Davis said...

Oh sweetie! I'm the lucky one having you as a friend! You're the true goddess here! Stay strong, smile often and love big! I admire and respect you so much! You are an inspiration! I have no doubts this endeavor will be hugely successful for you! Thank you for all you do every day! Hugs!

Artemis Page said...
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Artemis Page said...

Flove your face too Kelley ♡♡♡

Artemis Page said...

Flove your face too Kelley ♡♡♡

Carmen Alicea said...

Love you Diana and wishing you all the success and happiness in the world You are beautiful!!!

Cora Blu said...

That was a great introduction. <3 I love your energy. I met my strongest supporter at a book signing, so I fully understand your respect and appreciation for those that help you along this journey. Sorry you have to leave some of your pets behind, but your sacrifice will keep them safe.

Cora Blu

Ocean 2 Ocean Book Promotions said...

Welcome, Diana! We are thrilled to have you with us. Your warm energy touches everyone you meet. Love you :-)

Dariel Raye said...

You are an inspiration to me, Diana. Your giving spirit, love for authors, animals, and books, as well as the health battles we share, made identifying with you immediate. I, too, am sorry you had to leave your babies behind, but hopefully knowing they are safe eases your sorrow somewhat. Love you, my sister <3

Ann Gimpel said...

How nice to get to know you a little, Diana. And I'm waving to Dariel Raye. As so often happens with Internet relationships, she's someone I lost track of that I never meant to. We traded blog posts many times.
Your reviews are wonderful, Diana. Let me tell you a story. I wear a pendant around my neck of Artemis. She's "my" goddess. I found the necklace about 30 years ago in a metaphysical shop in Ashland, Oregon. It sang to me, and it's been a part of me ever since. It's not accidental that various virgin huntresses from the different pantheons show up in my stories. Anyway, when I saw you used Artemis, I knew we were kindred and that you'd like my stories. Hugs!