Thursday, January 28, 2016

"The Watchman" (Immoral Virtue Bk. 3) by Arla Dahl

Take a look at some of Arla Dahl's favorite lines from her new release, "The Watchman" (Immoral Virtue Bk. 3). Even better, follow her tour, and join her upcoming new release party! 
Various, sundry, and sexy shenanigans going on over there :)

Favorite Lines From "The Watchman" by Arla Dahl

1. -“You ache for this, do you not?”

2. -“I would please you again…I would submit…now… should I be permitted…”

3. -"She compels the eye in lustful ways that blind men to truth--as is the witch’s way.”

4. -“’Tis my wish to prove innocence through pleasure.”

5. -“Do not let go.”

6. Though daybreak would soon be upon them, darkness would linger, for fears of evil, of witches and cursed souls still filled their hearts with dread.

7. -’Twas too much a pleasure, the sight of her. A splendid gift of nature. Perhaps she had not bewitched him so much as stirred his heart.

8. -He crushed her lips with his. Kissing her. Hurting her. His mouth unforgiving, unrelenting. Silencing her words, stealing her breath.

9. -She laughed and it was a tearful frustrated sound he wished to quiet, to soothe.

10. -One word could have saved him. One word could have spared her the sight of his torture. Spared him the sight of her pain for him.
One word.

11. -He ached as much to touch her as to feel her touch… her caress, her embrace…those lips as ready to spit angry fire as mewl in notes of need.

12. -Those eyes, stubborn and frightened. That hair, in which he would bury his face and inhale… her hands so delicate… how he wished to feel them upon him.

13. -“I will prick the mark to be sure it bleeds, to be certain it is not a spot deadened to sensation…for that, my good people, is how to test the witch!”

14. -“Lift your skirts, Abigail,” he said. “Show me this desire you speak of, for I wish to feel it, to rouse it further.”

15. - -"Did she shiver…alight and alive from your caresses alone, as now from my own hands?”

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