Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Release Party: "Seduced Hearts" by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Is a lovely marriage enough? 

Ghanaian designer, Efua Flonta has a marriage and a life many women dream of. Her heart lies with her racy husband, Xavier and two young children. Her marriage vows are sacred until she meets a man who threaten everything she holds dear. 

Sexy formula one racing champion, Xavier Flonta wants nothing more than to please his beautiful wife and children. When an old friend stops over, he does not bargain for one weekend of trouble. Will Efua and Xavier pull together to save their marriage in time for Christmas or will the hurt be too painful?

Join us at the party for chats, prizes, and fun! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nov 1 at 5:00pm to Jan 15, 2016 at 3:00pm in EST

TALLY SO FAR: 24 families, 170 gifts, $2, 281 total.
Giftapalooza Headquarters helps make Christmas happen for children in need within the reading community. All authors, bloggers, and readers are welcome. Models and actors are welcome, too! Sign-ups for families in need will open on November 1st. Stay tuned!
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Cat's In The Cradle" Blog Tour

Title: “Cat’s In The Cradle”
Author: Dakota McGraw
Release Date: November 15, 2015
Genre: Cozy/Mystery
Facebook Tour Party - Thursday, December 10th, 7-10 PM (EST)

What does a mansion; a prize show cat and a diamond necklace have in common?

Crazy people!

That’s Professor Pamela Whitherspoons’ assessment is when she is thrown into the world of cat shows, eccentric owners and the filthy rich who have nothing else better to do. And all Pamela wanted to do was visit her sister in Los Angeles to catch some rays.

Immerse yourself in this case of a kidnapped show cat, through the eyes of reluctant amateur detective Pamela Whitherspoon, as she’s tossed in a world where a Prize Persian has an entourage larger than a rap star, and a throng of adoring fans, that is quite disturbing.

With the help of her sarcastic favorite nephew and later, a very handsome cop, Pamela tries to solve what the media is calling the Pet Crime of the Century.

Can she solve it in time to finish her summer vacation and move on with her life? Or after a insidious “accident”, is her life more in danger than she realizes?

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Hello. My name is Pamela Whitherspoon, a.k.a., amateur animal sleuth, pet detective, pooch finder, you name it. You may be wondering how I got any of those titles. Totally by accident and with a lot of reluctance I assure you.

I don’t even read mysteries on a regular. Okay, I’ll admit, I do watch that old lady writer that always shows up at someone’s house, a party or place of business, and sure enough, there’s a dead body.

But that’s the extent of my mystery acumen. So what happened, that I’m so lucky that people come to me when something inauspicious happens with one of their furry friends?

I’ll tell you. A year and a half ago I helped solved three crimes. Nothing special about the way I solved them; it was all getting in the head of the perpetrator. And since I am a professor of psychology at my local university, it was only natural. Plus some clues here and there of course. But now all of a sudden when Fido goes missing, people come to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind…too much. It’s just that I would really hate to disappoint people if I can’t help them.

You wouldn’t believe the email I get and the cases people want me to work on. Lost canaries and a beagle throwing up its dog chow. Most things a vet can solve. Others are so off the wall, I think the writers of the emails need to go see a shrink, not a detective.

Wait! Did I just refer to myself as a detective? Totally accidental I assure you. But sometimes I question my true occupation.

Now I will confess, that my last so-called case was very interesting. To be honest, it was downright heinous.

My neighbor, Mr. Harris inadvertently let his Dobermans loose and they chewed his wife to death. The police ruled it as accidental homicide. Mr. Harris was so distraught that he even insisted on having the pooches put down.

The authorities had no argument. But it wasn’t like he had a choice; the cops were going to do it for him anyway. They even footed the bill. Mr. Harris wasn’t charged with anything, but was told he couldn’t keep any kind of a pet, not so much as an ant farm!

But something didn’t seem right to me. I don’t know, call it female intuition or my psychology teaching coming into play, but something wasn’t right when Mr. Harris was giving his explanation to authorities. For two days, Harris gave the same explanation to the media, verbatim.

Now, he and Mrs. Harris weren’t exactly the poster children for Match Me Up dot com. And as I recalled she hated….no, feared those dogs. So something was definitely not jelling with his story.

I figured that out when he claimed he first sent the dogs away to a relative out of town, because they were costing too much to feed and care for. Then all of a sudden they were back. So one day, I thought I would be neighborly and give Mr. Harris a visit. Actually, I was being outright nosy.

Nothing changed in his routine to let me know that he had a different job. He and the misses didn’t mention a raise. Not that they would announce that to the world, but you can kinda tell when a person’s income changes. More material items are seen coming into the household. Maybe an addition to the home or new furniture, a vacation. There wasn’t so much as a brand new car in the driveway.

Actually, his finances changed for the worse when the dogs came back. The car they did have, a Lexus was downgraded to a Kia. So I found that odd, since he sent them away in the first place, because of lack of funds. But that wasn’t what really caught my attention and got my antennas up.

I stumbled on his paid in full bill for Dog Protection Training—with the Marines.

It was just a matter of time, a little snooping, plus promising to go out on a date with the head trainer of the dog training academy, to find out that Mr. Harris’s canines were getting more than Alpo in their life.

~ About the Author ~

Dakota McGraw has traveled all over the world and lived in several countries. In fact, she made it a point to hit all seven continents before the age of 40. And in 1998 at the age of 33, she traveled to Antarctica on a Russian Ice-breaker ship.

But before that, she lived in Italy taking voice lesions. Classically trained, she is a mezzo-soprano. Her love of classical music can be seen when she writes in her study. Sometimes it’s Rachmaninoff in the background. Other times Chopin or Mozart. Whatever gets her creative juices flowing for her next crime scene.

She’s dated interesting men in her life and is married to one that’s even a mystery to her. LOL.

*WHISPERING* It’s also said that she dated a mobster once. But she said he was in real estate… that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

An aficionado of the genre herself, Dakota writes her stories with a slightly different spin. Lots of humor. Whether it’s dry, out right hilarious or tongue-in-cheek. And it doesn’t matter what genre.

Who else can have a character crack a joke right in the middle of a morgue scene?

Her love of the genre is so deep, she writes everything from cozies -The Pamela Whitherspoon Mysteries; to romantic suspense -The Vincent Kapoulous Mysteries and even crime/comedy (her own made up genre. LOL). Look for The Lady and the Mobster coming out early January.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Join the celebration of author Dakota McGraw's latest release, "Cat's In The Cradle - A Pamela Whitherspoon Pet Detective Mystery!"

All Professor Whitherspoon wanted was to visit her sister in Los Angeles, but instead, she gets caught up in the world of the rich and famous...and a kidnapped show cat!

There will be contests/giveaways, mystery detective trivia, and of course..plenty of fun!


at 4:00pm - 6:00pm in EST

Join us as we celebrate multi-published author Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku's hot new release, "Seduced Hearts" with lots of chatter, fun, and prizes! 


Monday, November 9, 2015

T’kelah had always heard the paintings passed down were important, but she never imagined they would bring her a man to set her world on edge. Imad needed the paintings to complete the collection and to sell and put an end to this travesty in his family’s past. Neither of them expected the paintings to hold them hostage to a love they can’t live without.


Two hearts, two different worlds, uncompromising love.
Calm Assurance
A straight-laced Nephilim-descendant and a human trouble-magnet?
When Asriel - Orlosian Warrior, descendant of Nephilim, law enforcer – is sent to guard Malina, a human with a penchant for drawing trouble like a tornado, she becomes his obsession.
With no hope of finding love in his dimension, he breaks the cardinal rule, leaving his home to protect her, but she has also drawn the attention of his enemies, and he is forced to face demons from his past. If Asriel chooses to stay with Malina, not only does he risk forfeiting his right to ever return to his dimension, but he will need her blood to survive.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mystical magical love :Boxed set of 10 ALL NEW paranormal romances

The Mystical Box Set Babes want to share their Paranormal Tales of hot, wild, and sexy alpha men. These amazing magical stories of Alpha men and the sexy women that love them are filled with intrigue, suspense and a healthy dose of romance. These sexy stories will leave you breathless...wanting more...wanting a HOT PARANORMAL MAN OF YOUR OWN!!!


You'll LOVE them ALL!!!! 

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Winter Masquerade Ball and Winter Romance Tour

We’re happy to announce Ocean 2 Ocean’s first annual Winter Romance Hop/Tour and kick-off party for authors, bloggers, and author service providers!

The hop/tour will start on January 29th with a kick-off party on Facebook starting at 1PM EST, and continue with the blog tour through February 1st. Participating authors will be free to post games, contests, and additional giveaways, links, etc. throughout the event. Our goal is to give away over $200 in prizes. 

While giveaways are not required for individual blogs, we highly suggest giving away e-books, swag, gift cards (GC’s), etc.

The Facebook event will remain open throughout the tour. Participants will receive the following in exchange for a Rafflecopter prize (again, books, gift cards, etc.):

1.     Social media link listed as Rafflecopter option

2.    The tour will also be promoted at TRR and TRS.

The “Ocean 2 Ocean Winter Romance Tour” banner above should be placed in a prominent spot on your blog prior to the tour (link back to, and at the top of your blog post so readers can easily recognize yours as a tour stop.

To participate, complete THIS FORM. No payment is required.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Neighbors by Ivy Smoak



Find out what really happens when new neighbors move in next the new sexy story THE NEIGHBORS by Ivy Smoak.

Rosie and Connor have lost their spark in the bedroom. But when the house next door finally sells, their love life takes an unexpected turn.

The sexy new neighbors, Phoenix and Sean, turn out to have a lot more in common with them than they originally thought. Rosie and Phoenix bond over their husbands' neglect in the bedroom, while Connor and Sean agree that their wives only use sex to manipulate them.


About the Author


Ivy Smoak is an entrepreneur with very fickle tendencies. After much encouragement from her fiancé, she finally decided to dive into her true passion and began writing erotic novels. She lives with her fiancé in Philly.